Heat Insulation & Self Cleaning Top Coating P731

Why choose the P731 for the external wall top coating?

Owing to the old coating technology can't provide the best of UV protection, anti acid water (rain spot) & rust corrosion, sterilization & nti mold control, the building external wall cleaning always headache in the high building market.

Today, P731 can solute all about these problem.Your building can always keep on the best outlook & smart. It will mainlly protect your external wall for long terms performance and reduce your cleaning routine(save money)


Read the top & middle photo. The rust water fall down to stand on the coating surface (top photo) & dust blow out from air control exit caused mold to grow out on the coating surface (middle photo). Owing to HIGH environment of building, the worker can't always clean immediately.That will caused the difficult cleaning after a few month of year. And also need to do the bare concrete of rusted surface for lost the expensive cost. Now, P731 can always can solute this problem if re-coating or new project to choose it.

Product Description

Formula P-731 is a multi-functions top coating, mainly made of inorganic silicon resin, TiO2. The building's coated surface has the excellent performance - waterproofing, heat insulation, self-cleaning, sterilization, protection, and anti-mold. The coating can make the coated building outlook brand-new & extends protect the building material life circle.


  • Super-Hydrophile: When coated surface meets raining, Rainwill become the "Waterfall" to bring away the dirt. (Self-Cleaning).
  • Heat insulation for reduce the air condition bill.
  • Photocatalyst TiO2 meets sunshine to cause oxidation for remove oil & dirt.
  • Long-term performance of deodorization, Anti-Mold, Sterilization, and Anti-Dirt. Solve rainy spot & dirty mark problem for current flexible top coating.
  • Easy clean for the dried shits of birds

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