Wood & Bamboo Protection Solution

"Wood & Bamboo Care" are water-based, alkaline solution. It is liquid form and non-toxic,
non-flammable and has high infiltrative power. Since most of the timber in the world is alkali-base in nature which "Wood & Bamboo care" will have reaction with them, it can seal the applied surface and make the surface water, acid and alkali-proof.

Besides it also strengthens the timber tissue. The treated timber material will form a zero thickness protection layer in the tissue, so that it is saved from ultraviolet attack. "Wood & Bamboo care" is an innovative and multi-function product for timber & baboo protection.


  • Apply once on wooden surface is enough.
  • "Wood & Bamboo care" will never damage wood tissues and structure.Because of an impermeable crystal layer formed on the wood substrate after treatment.
  • "Wood & Bamboo care" can provide good protection like ordinary paint. The adhesive power between paint and wood surface will be greatly improved. Therefore, the life of paint can be prolonged and the paint cost can be saved up to 25%.
  • The treated surface is safe from water, oil, acid and alkaline attack.
  • The crystal substance is non-flammable, therefore the timber product becomes fire-retardant after treatment.
  • Since the voids of the timber surface have been filled up entirely by the crystal, therefore adverse weather influence on timber will be very minimal.
  • The treated timber has a crystal layer on the surface which will not be digested by termite and woodborer. Therefore, the termite and woodborer will not growth.

Wood & bamboo care for floor solution

When winter comes, people are always persecuted by the shrinkage of timber floor due to sudden decrease of humidity ratio. When spring comes, the high humidity ratio facilitates the growth of mould on timber floor. Furthermore, timber or Baboo floor will be swollen after the leaking of a water pipe. All these encounters can be prevented if we had applied the "Wood & Bamboo care" solution".

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