Anti Stain Product

Glass Protector for Glass & Ceramic Surface to self cleaning purpose
Aluminum Protector for Aluminum Cladding Surface to self cleaning purpose

Anti Graffiti Product

Anti Graffiti Coating for anti-dirty & anti-Graffiti resistant to various substrates such as waterproofing layer, sandstone, acrylic wear-resistant flooring has good bonding. .

Anti Stain & Heat insulation Product

Heat Reflective & Self Cleaning Paint (P731) For Exterial Wall Top Coating. mainly made of inorganic silicon resin, TiO2 for waterproofing, heat insulation, self-cleaning, sterilization, protection, and anti-mold......more

Nano Technology Product

Nano Paint 898 The coating consists of nano-sized water dispersion resins, which can overcome the waterproofing and adhesion force deficiencies in emulsifier. The synthetic index of film integrity, adhesion etc. has achieved and/or even surpassed the paint standard of the same kind. This product is now widely used on shipping, petrochemical, structural steel, car industries in U.K. and many Asian countries.

Anti Condensation Product

Anti Condensation Coating for stop the water dropping on internal & external wall, piple etc.

Anti-Corrosion Product

Anti-Rust Coating For No Shot-Blasting or Sand-Papering on rusted surface, Turns the rust into Organic primer within 30 minutes.

Wood Care Product

Woodcare For wood treatment leading to waterproof, Anti-termite, Fire-retardant etc.

Water-Based Cleaning Product

Multi-Purpose Grease & Oil Cleaner A water-based, biodegradable cleaner for removing grime & grease within 5-10 seconds.

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